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RV Cooking Show Australia 90 Days DownunderThe RV Cooking Show Australia's 90 Days Downunder Road Trip

Ever wanted to travel far and wide, experiencing new cultures, places, people and flavors?? Welcome campers...intrepid explorers, all! Join our RV Cooking Show / 90 Days Downunder crew as we travel, tasting our way up the east coast of Australia from the beautiful Great Ocean Road to the bustling metropolis of Sydney and all the way to Tropical Far North Queensland and another great - the Great Barrier Reef. Click on the Aussie tab below to enjoy our latest RV Cooking Show Australia series. 

  • Grilled Trout Tacos
  • RVCS Aussie Series
  • My maui Motorhome
  • Creative Camp Cuisine

San Diego Grilled Trout Tacos Santee Lakes RV Cooking Show

Grilled Trout Tacos at San Diego's Best Backyard - Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve

San Diego and fish tacos go together like sand and surf. Get a taste of the surf culture with these surprisingly easy, delicious, and healthy grilled trout tacos - direct from our Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve floating cabin. Watch this episode here





RV Cooking Show Australia 90 Days DownunderThe RV Cooking Show goes downunder, mate!

Guess what? Aussies love to travel and love to eat as much as we do. Watch this growing series of RV Cooking Show / 90 Days Downunder episodes and whet your whistle on the best of Australia's east coast. From camp kitchens to city sights to colorful (and squaking) birds, we see it all. Careful, you just might get the (overseas) travel bug! C'mon along for some good downunder fun, right here

RV Cooking Show Australia 90 Days Downunder maui MotorhomesMaking damper (flatbread) in my maui Motorhome!

I've always wanted to travel nimble in a class b-style motorhome. My pals at maui Motorhomes - based in Australia and New Zealand - hooked me up with an Ultima that I call "Little Beauty" and what a wonderful way to go. Plenty roomy for two travelers with an oversized counter, a three burner stovetop, and an outdoor BBQ. Let me show you around my maui as we visit Ballarat, Victoria and whip up a batch of fab flatbread called damper. 

Go Camping America RV Cooking Show Creative Camp CuisineQuick Creative Camp Cuisine 

Creative Camp Cuisine is a partnership project between RV Cooking Show and, inspiring campers and RVers to go a little gourmet. These 2-minute or less RV TV episodes include how to make smoothies, three meals from one rotisserie chicken, and more! Watch one or watch all 10 here!



RV Marvels

Don't Miss This...

RV Cooking Show RV Marvels

Join us as we discover and share off the beaten track places to see and exciting things to do in our RV Marvels video series.

Young Fulltime RVers

You Can Do It, Too!

RV Cooking Show Young Fulltime RVers on the Beach

Not just for the over-65 crowd anymore, full-time RVing is a lifestyle choice that can work for you. Explore a variety of topics in the Young Full-time RVer video series.

RV Cooking Show

RV TV Guide

RV Cooking Show

Looking for a specific RV destination or RV kitchen recipe? Search this site by our RV TV Guide listing shows by both location and recipe or by using our Google location map pins or text search.

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RV Cooking Show Supports Free Rice

Challenge yourself and your kids with this trivia game and help feed the world. Choose subjects such as vocabulary, art, geography, and math and for each answer you get right Free Rice will donate 10 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program. Think that's not a big deal? In 2008 Free Rice donated 43,942,622,700 grains of rice and since their inception in October 2007 they've fed over 2 million people!

Have fun, feed your mind, your spirit and someone's just might feel real good!!

Real RV Park Reviews

RV Park Reviews on the RV Cooking Show

Check out this useful and interesting website for real-RVer reviews of RV parks and campgrounds. However, caveat emptor. Be aware that this is an open forum and a rotten review can result from management simply asking the guest to follow the rules - for example, quiet time after 11pm. I typically toss out the best and worst reviews, cross reference with my campground directory, and make a decision from there. 

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Vintage RV Kitchen


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2013 Taste Awards Red Carpet

RV Cooking Show host Evanne Schmarder loving the red carpet as a 2013 Taste Award nominee. Thank you RV Cooking Show friends and fans! RV Cooking Show at Taste Awards 2013 Red Carpet

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