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Lemon Caper Rockfish - Morro Bay, CA

Serves: 2      Difficulty: Very Easy     Meal: Main Dish    

From my RV kitchen

What exactly are capers?? Learn about these immature yet flavorful Mediterranean buds here.

Captain Mark Tognazzini of Tognazzini's Dockside Fish Market in beautiful Morro Bay reminds us it's called "fishing" not "catching" but his - and other local fisherman's -  prowess is evidenced by the Dockside's well stocked fish case. Not sure about a particular fish? Whether you're in Morro Bay or anywhere else in the country simply ask. Chances are you'll not only learn a bit about the fish and where it comes from but you'll also pick up a preparation tip or two.

Subscribe to the Dockside "fish list" for a taste of the local catch. I love to receive it and always learn something...even when I'm not in Morro Bay.


3/4 - 1 pound fresh rockfish fillets (can also use any white, flaky, mild fish such as sole or halibut)
flour to coat
canola oil spray
2 T butter
1/8 c fresh squeezed lemon juice (or to taste)
2 T capers - rinsed
fresh ground black pepper


Debone rockfish fillets (see video). Coat fish with flour and place in a large sauté pan - on medium heat - prepared with canola oil spray. Cook for 2 minutes* and flip. (This fish will cook for appx 5 minutes* total.)

Melt butter and sauté capers in separate sauté pan for about 2 minutes. Add lemon juice to taste. Stir and allow to bubble slightly.

Pour sauce over fish (which has cooked appx 4 minutes*) and cook for 1 more minute to meld flavors. Add fresh pepper to taste.

*Adjust fish cooking times based upon fish type and thickness. Ask your fish monger for cooking time suggestions.

Additional Tips

Serve with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetable...quick, easy and delicious!!

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