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Three Crepes and a Castle - Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA

Makes: 10-12 crepes     Difficulty: Moderate     Meal: Dessert    

From my RV kitchen

Set high up on a hill overlooking the diamond sparkles of the shining Pacific Ocean is a castle full of intrigue and art. An invitation to Hearst Castle was quite sought after by stars and politicians, big names of the 20's and 30's and it's no wonder - just take a look at that Neptune Pool! Interestingly enough, though, Hearst was a bit of a puritan when it came to imbibing. If a guest - no matter how well known - had a tad too much the previous evening they might awaken to find their bags packed and transportation waiting to whisk them away....visit over.

There's no denying...this landmark is a must-see. There are five fabulous tours to choose from and reservations (recommended) can be made online. Learn about the castle and the tours here.

Approximately 10 miles south of Hearst Castle is the charming town of Cambria. Stop at the French Corner Bakery to pick up a loaf of fresh bread for dinner (go early - they almost always sell out), a cup of coffee or a tasty sandwich to take with you to the Castle. If you have time make sure to head to the shore and enjoy the wonderful wooden boardwalk along Moonstone Beach. If the weather's nice stop at the Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill and get a table on the's a wow!  

North of Hearst Castle is Ragged Point and the gateway to the fabled Pacific Coast Highway drive. Don't bring your RV but do plan to stop at the Elephant Seal beach...they are big ole beasts and like their pictures taken :>  Okay, they really don't care but you will!

Beauty abounds in that corner of the world. Why not celebrate with some easy, elegant crepes?


1 c flour - I use a 50/50 combo of buckwheat and all purpose but any flour works fine
1 t sugar
pinch of salt
2 T melted butter
1 c milk - whole or skim - your choice
3 eggs

frozen butter stick for pan

crepe filling of your choice - jam, nutella, lemon curd, fresh or frozen fruit, etc.
powdered sugar


Combine the dry ingredients and stir to combine. Create a "well" in the dry ingredients and add the butter, milk, and eggs. Whisk briskly until all ingredients are combined and the batter is smooth. Cover and refrigerate the batter for at least one hour or overnight.

Remove from fridge and whisk. The batter most likely has thickened. Whisk milk into batter until the consistency of heavy cream.

Heat a 12" saute pan on medium heat and butter the pan with the frozen stick of butter (see the video for my technique). Using a 1/4 c measuring cup scoop a scant (almost but not quite) 1/4 c of batter and pour into pan. Lift and rotate pan to cover the complete surface leaving a very thin layer of batter all around.

Cook for one minute or until brown with crispy edges - crepe should move freely in the pan when shaken. With the help of a silicone spatula and your fingers flip the crepe and cook for another minute or until brown. Slide the crepe out of the pan and onto a waiting plate.

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Cover a baking sheet (with sides) with foil.

To fill the crepes place approximately 2 teaspoons of filling on each crepe and spread evenly - to the edges if possible. Fold the crepe in half and half again then place the crepe triangle on the foil covered baking sheet.

Warm in the oven until the filling has softened. Remove from oven, place on plate, and dust with powdered sugar. Enjoy!

Additional Tips

Sure, crepes can be (relatively) healthy. Use all buckwheat flour (it does have a distinct taste, tho) or even whole wheat flour, skim milk, and a "healthier" butter such as Smart Balance. Fill your crepes with fresh fruit and top with non-fat yogurt - vanilla or flavored. Serve with a side of fruit salad and some chopped mint.

The batter can be kept overnight (1 night only) so feel free to make some today and some tomorrow OR make the whole batch and freeze the crepes you don't eat for next time.

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